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If you want a luxurious kitchen, you probably have a good idea of ​​what you need. A luxury kitchen utensil can easily cost up to $ 100,000. But the kitchen is where the heart is, or at least where most families spend a great deal of their time. If you want to rebuild and get the money, get the very best. Whether you do research, plan or already work on your kitchen and want to make sure you haven't forgotten anything, this article can help.

1. Countertops: Granite varieties can be expensive, but they are much better than granite plates. Marble countertops are another beautiful option, but granite countertops are much more popular than all other countertops. Granite varieties cannot be scratched if you do not have a diamond saw handy, and they can carry the heat very well. Be careful, however, if you try to cut directly on the granite bench, you can damage your knives. You still need to hack on a wooden slaughter block. 2. Floor: If you have marble tiles, they can pair well with marble floors. Or if you decide on granite varieties for your kitchen counter, it is a good idea to have marble or other fine stones for your floors. If you prefer something warmer, wood works well. Bamboo is especially modern and popular today.

3. Cabinets: Beautiful cabinets are made of solid wood, have custom metal colors and match the rest of your kitchen. Some custom cabinets have sliding shelves to remove hard appliances and bowls. Bowls can be customized according to what you want to store - whether they are spoons and knives or sauces and vinegars.

4. Appliances and tools: If you want a first-class kitchen, it is important to have all the different gadgets that all ready-made chefs need. A salad dryer, melon baller, garlic press and fine knives are just some of the items you need. An upper part of the kitchen line fridge, gas hob and dishwasher also helps. Even a wine refrigerator under your granite countertops adds a lot to your kitchen. And depending on what you like to cook - home-style fried chicken, craft pizza or grilled salmon - you can customize your appliances to your needs.

5. That something extra: Your kitchen would not be complete without a special touch. Maybe it's your favorite art, maybe it's your own box. You can watch stained glass, custom lighting or even a mosaic for your tile back splash. These touches make your kitchen look more like yours and less like an expensive cake cutter.

Once you have designed your dream kitchen, you choose exactly what you want to be easy. Keep in mind that this will be my home, a notification that should be reflected in everything from your mountains to your granite countertops.

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